Fauquier Cowboy Church
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

                             COMING EVENTS... VBS 8/3 - 8/6

                                                                   5:30 - 9:30. 
                                              *THE THEME IS "STAGECOACH RUN"
                                              *A PETTING ZOO
                                              *HORSE RIDES
                                              *RIDE IN A REAL STAGECOACH!!
                                              *CRAFTS and ROPING LESSONS
                                              *CAMPFIRE, HOT DOGS AND PLENTY OF CHOW!!
                                                        MORE ABOUT IT  NEXT WEEK! 
                                                    PLEASE CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION
                                                     703-439-8255 OR Pastor's home 703-347-0074

                               THIS SUNDAY MORNING 11:00 AM

                                             "2ND ONLY TO SALVATION" is the sermon for this
                                             coming Sunday. Think about it... God never saved one single
                                             soul to just "sit and soak." Serving our Lord is a serious
                                             matter and as is written in Scripture is to be approached with
                                             fear and trembling. Speaking of GOD'S WILL FOR EACH
                                             SAVED BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD, 2nd only to 
                                             salvation. No matter what occupation one may have, what
                                             station in life, rich or poor, for every child of God THERE                                           
                                             IS A PURPOSE!  Come on out to COWBOY CHURCH, A
                                             GREAT PLACE TO HANG YOUR HAT EVERY SUNDAY
                                              YOU WON'T FIND A FRIENDLIER PLACE TO WORSHIP
                                              GOD ANYWHERE EAST OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN! 
                                              I get this question asked a lot, "PASTOR, WHERE DO
                                               YOU STAND ON THE 2ND AMENDMENT?" This
                                               pastor and people stand with the 2nd Amendment and
                                               all the Constitution as it was written and meant to be!
                                               Not the liberal interpretations that many politicians
                                               continue to push and push and push upon the good
                                               people of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
                                               Same with the Bible, THE WORD OF GOD. Satan
                                               hates the Bible, Satan hates the BLOOD of Christ, and
                                               Satan hates our FREEDOM that has been blood bought.
                                               So does the liberals. May we not let it slip away! 
                                                  SERVICE TIMES: 11:00 AM, THURSDAYS 6:00 PM,
                                                                    always delicious snacks
                                                                and GREAT FELLOWSHIP!
                                                  Directions to FAUQUIER COWBOY CHURCH: The church property is located at 10550 James Madison Hwy., (Rt. 29), Bealeton, Va.    From Warrenton, head south on 29 toward OPAL, then go approximately 2 miles past the OPAL Interchange toward Culpeper, the church property is located on the right, sign out front.    FROM CULPEPER on Rt. 29, The church is somewhat hard to see from the road due to a hill. The best thing is to go to the intersection of Covington Corner Rd. (the next intersection up from COWBOY CHURCH) and come back... can't miss it!!
     Thanks for looking us up! Much obliged. We WOULD LOVE to have you come and worship with us. There's now 2 distinct services: 11:00 Sunday mornings, and a separate service Thursdays 6:00 PM which is just getting up and going. 
    We are not alone out here in Bealeton, Virginia. This ministry is part of the COWBOY CHURCH NETWORK OF NORTH AMERICA (check out the cowboy network web site). There's a bunch of us scattered around the country. Some gather in barns, some in arena's, but we have ONE BIG THING IN COMMON; getting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to folks on the farms, homesteads, ranches, to anyone. Our doors are open to all!  
   You won't find any friendlier, down to earth folks in this world, who love the plain truth of the Word of God, where no one is looked down upon. Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks upon the heart and that's what matters in the long run.
   Just in case you're wondering, you do not have to own a horse, ranch, or farm to be a part of this church. It doesn't matter if you live in the city, or if you ride a computer, 18 wheeler, Harley, or walk nor does it matter if you own not a stitch of western attire, you will be welcomed with a handshake or slap on the back. Hats, boots, jeans, etc., OK. ALL are welcome at Fauquier Cowboy Church! Why we even use buckets to take up the offering... nothing fancy here. As for me, usually I drive my diesel truck to church. It wouldn't fit in many church parking spaces, besides it likes gravel and the field better.  
   Feel free to scout this web site anytime. Better yet, COME! We've got a nice gathering place, padded seats, cowboy and country stuff hanging on the walls, This just might be the place you've been looking for! If you are running short on time and just got done feeding, don't have time to get ready, come on anyway! We don't pay any attention to stuff like that. Might be that you need a little more information let us know. You may be interested in our seasonal newsletter, THE FAUQUIER COWBOY, soon it will be added to this site, but meantime, we will mail it to you. Let us know, it's free. We don't charge for anything.
      THANKS and May God richly bless! 
     Jim Branyon, (The Cowboy Preacher)  (IS 6:8)
     Fauquier Cowboy Church/Fauquier Baptist Church


   HOME PHONE 540 347 0074

   CHURCH PHONE 540 439 8255 

    E-Mail:   cowboypreacher70@hughes.net 


Sunday School, Bible study at 9:45 a.m.

GATHERING at 11:00 a.m. SHARP.